Baby Teething Tips You Should Know

Posted by Sun-Park Dental Jul 07,2021

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Drooling? Irritable? Cranky? These are signs your baby is teething. Between six months and one year, a baby’s first tooth can erupt at any time. Once teething starts, you and your baby may be in for a challenging few months. 

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Thanh-Truc Nguyen knows all too well that teething is a demanding time and advises parents on ways they can soothe their baby during this period. Read on to learn a few of the best baby teething tips to help you get through it.

Baby Teething Symptoms

Generally, babies start teething around 4-6 months, and the bottom front teeth are the first to appear. Teething symptoms may vary, but the most common signs are:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Highly irritable
  • Sore and red gums
  • Chewing objects
  • Increased temperature
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite

Some babies may not show any sign of teething. If this happens, you can always check their gums for signs of a new tooth.

Tips to Soothe Your Teething Baby

There are several home remedies to ease and comfort your teething baby. Some of the pediatric dentistry approved tips are:

  • Wet Cloth

Give your baby a wet or frozen cloth to chew on. You can also rub the cloth along their gums to reduce inflammation.

  • Freeze Their Pacifier

A refrigerated pacifier will help numb the baby’s gums and relieve pain.

  • Teething Toys

Teething toys and rings will give your child something safe and easy to chew on to relieve symptoms. Teething toys provide enough pressure to soothe their irritated gums.

  • Frozen Foods

If your child is old enough to eat solid food, you can serve them cold food like frozen fruits or yogurts to numb their pain or inflammation.

  • Milk Popsicle

Children often lose their appetite while teething. They’re too cranky and sore to eat properly. In such cases, you can make them frozen milk popsicles to keep them fed and hydrated. 

  • Extra Cuddles

Your children are usually more irritable and clingy when teething. You can comfort them by keeping them close to you and cuddling them more than usual.

  • Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is as essential for babies as it is for us. And you don’t have to wait for the first tooth to appear to start oral hygiene practices. For starters, you can clean your baby’s gums regularly with a clean wet cloth.

To know more about baby teething and how to address symptoms, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thanh-Truc Nguyen at Sun-Park Dental at 5400 Park Drive, Rocklin, CA 95765. You can also schedule an appointment online or call us at (916) 435-1155.

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