Food Good For Your Teeth

Food Good For Your Teeth

Posted by SUN-PARK DENTAL on Aug 7 2022, 06:08 AM

Food Good For Your Teeth

Sugar and acid are the primary components of most foods and drinks. While consuming sugar and acid won’t necessarily make your teeth hurt, it does make them susceptible to cavities. While some foods aren’t good for your teeth, there are plenty of healthy foods that help support good oral health. Here are a few that we recommend:


Cheese contains casein, a protein that sticks to your teeth and makes them stronger. It also contains calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. Cheese is delicious, which makes eating cheese a win-win for your mouth.


Dairy is a good source of calcium, and calcium is good for your teeth. The mineral helps strengthen tooth enamel against plaque and decay. In addition, calcium helps your body absorb other nutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D.


Apples are high in fiber and water, making them an easy snack for your teeth. They can also help clean away plaque and food particles from your teeth.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit contains vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth. These nutrients help fight plaque and gum disease. Dried fruit also doesn’t stick to teeth the same way other types of food do, making it good for the teeth.

However, dried fruit is still high in sugar and calories. Therefore, eating dried fruit in moderation is recommended.


Crunchy vegetables, such as carrots and celery stimulate saliva production and help to clean your teeth. You can eat them raw or lightly steam them to soften them.

For the best flavor, try dipping them in some hummus.


Meat is an excellent source of phosphorus, which is needed to build strong teeth and bones. Plus, it also contains protein, which strengthens tooth enamel. But, it’s high in saturated fat, so limit your intake.


Nuts are a great source of calcium, which is essential for your teeth. They also have some protein, which is needed for healthy teeth and gums. While nuts are healthy, they are also high in calories. To avoid gaining weight, eat nuts in moderation.

It is also important to keep in mind that some nuts (such as walnuts and almonds) are harder to chew, which can harm your tooth enamel.


Drinking water is essential for your oral health. It moistens your mouth, making it easier to wash away food particles and bacteria. It also dilutes acids produced by bacteria.

Consuming water after eating or drinking sugary foods will wash down food particles and dilute the acids they contain. It also helps rinse away plaque.

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