How can you get a smile makeover in a single dental visit?

Posted by Sun-Park Dental Feb 11,2021

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Have you been hiding your smile for a long time now due to your oral issues? Dental conditions like missing teeth, cavities, gum diseases, damaged or naturally misshapen teeth, and malocclusion can absolutely ruin the aesthetics of your smile. Missing teeth is one concern that not only makes your smile appear displeasing but also affects the functionality of your mouth. We have the perfect solution to this concern, which can be completed in just one visit to the dentist’s practice!

What are all-on-4 implants?

Dental implants are truly a boon to dentistry. They make teeth replacement convenient, provide a long-lasting solution, and the restorations are stronger than any other alternative. Dental implants are widely used to restore single missing teeth. But did you know that they can be used to restore multiple missing teeth as well? This is done using dental restorations called all-on-4 implants.

As the name suggests, all-on-4 implants are used to restore all the teeth of a jaw using only four implants. The dentist will place four implants in the jaw at specific positions, and custom-fabricated prosthetic teeth are placed on them to restore all the teeth, pretty much like dentures.

What are the advantages of all-on-4?

  • Using all-on-4 implants to restore missing teeth instead of dentures provides a long-lasting and more sustainable solution.
  • The entire procedure can be completed in a single day, giving you a quick resolution to missing teeth.
  • Since the prosthetic teeth are held in place by implants, they are far more stable and sturdy compared to dentures.
  • The prosthetic teeth are made from dental-grade ceramic, which is a highly customizable material. Their color, texture, contour, and size can be personalized to match the aesthetics of your mouth.
  • You can bite and chew food effectively with all-on-4 implants. They wouldn’t get worn out or displaced with routine oral activities.
  • Optimum jawbone volume is not required for placing all-on-4 implants. A jawbone graft would not be necessary either.
  • Placing dental implants in the jawbone helps to enhance its health and keep it from deteriorating.
  • The healing period required is minimal.

How is the procedure carried out?

The dentist will screen your mouth and conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine your candidacy for all-on-4 implants. We will take x-rays and oral scans to get a better view of the teeth and the jawbone. After administering local anesthesia, your existing natural teeth, either damaged, decayed, or weak, will be removed by extracting them from the sockets. Next, the dentist will place four dental implants in your jawbone through surgery.

Using the data from the scans and x-rays, a 3D digital impression of the teeth will be created. It will be used to fabricate prosthetic teeth that would be placed on the dental implants. The prosthetic teeth will be fabricated in a short duration, and the dentist will place them on the implants to check for fit and comfort. Once their contour is confirmed, they will be attached to the implants permanently. If you visit our dental practice in the morning, we will conduct the entire procedure during the same day, and you can be back home by evening with a brand new set of teeth and a more pleasing and attractive smile.

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