Make Cosmetic Dental Issues Vanish With Veneers

Make Cosmetic Dental Issues Vanish With Veneers

Posted by SUN-PARK DENTAL on Mar 26 2021, 06:50 AM

Make Cosmetic Dental Issues Vanish With Veneers

Veneers are one of the most widely used dental restorations. Though they are primarily used to get rid of cosmetic dental issues, such as discoloration, chipping, misshapen teeth, etc., they can also be used to restore teeth that have been damaged to their ideal shape and structure. Their simple and non-invasive nature makes them highly preferred by both dentists and patients who are looking to improve their smiles.

Instantly whiten your teeth.

Teeth discoloration is a common concern, which is caused due to factors such as excessive wear, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, improper oral hygiene, or other oral infections. When the extent of staining is mild to moderate, teeth whitening is usually the more preferred option. However, if teeth whitening doesn’t render the expected results or if the level of staining is severe, the teeth can be instantly whitened using dental veneers. They can be bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth to get a brighter smile.

Fix chipped and misshapen teeth

Teeth that get chipped or naturally misshapen can leave a nasty appearance on the smile. When you bite or chew any food that is too hard, the teeth may chip or crack if they are weak or brittle. This can expose the dental pulp to the microbes in the mouth and eventually lead to a root canal infection. Hence, such teeth can be restored to their natural shape to give you a more pleasing smile. Also, the exposed root canal cavity will be covered entirely to avoid the microbes from entering it.

Eliminate excessive gaps between teeth

The teeth could be spaced unevenly with large gaps between adjacent teeth, which is a type of malocclusion called spacing. This is usually caused due to a wider dental arch or when the natural teeth are extracted from the mouth, leading to drifting of the remaining teeth. Veneers can be fabricated accordingly and bonded using dental adhesives, which helps to get rid of the displeasing gaps between teeth.

A simple solution for a minor malocclusion

Malocclusion can have several drawbacks, such as a displeasing smile, difficulty in cleaning them, gradual change in the facial shape, etc. It is best to get malocclusion treated in the initial stages to avoid these disadvantages. But, if it is a case of minor malocclusion, veneers can be bonded to the teeth to make them appear perfectly aligned.

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