My kid hates brushing her teeth. What can I do to change that?

Posted by Sun-Park Dental Mar 17,2020

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It is easy to tell a grown-up about the benefits of brushing teeth, but how will you make a reluctant child understand that? A child behaves so either because the brush causes irritation to their gums, or maybe they consider it a waste of energy. Not letting her brush is not a good option to be considered in such a situation. So, then how can I make my child brush her teeth?

Simple ways of getting your child brush her teeth

Here are some of the ways through which you can get your child brush her teeth:

Be the mirror!

Children learn faster when imitated than instructed. You need to follow the oral hygiene procedure if you want to see them practicing it later. Whenever you brush, make your child look at you. Let them watch while you brush and also make it look interesting in a way that she couldn’t resist herself from brushing her teeth.

Make brushing a fun time 

Make up catchy interesting stories to win her attention and make her tempted for more. While brushing infuse a funny little sound with your mouth and brush than just standing still, and ask her to repeat after you. Kids are always curious, so she would most probably agree without a second thought.

Be her Santa Claus

Not brushing teeth is hard to ignore. But with mom’s special treat, you can turn on for them. Let your child know that she will get a special gift after she brushes her teeth. These gifts can be as small as an eraser or a song, especially for children below 5. Older kids need better treats like letting them watch their favorite TV show or getting to visit their friends. It is better not to reward food or sugary items but instead give them little inexpensive trinkets such as stickers or time for their favorite game, movie, or tv show.

Make her your shopping assistant when shopping for her oral care products

If the kids pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste, then it could inspire them to brush often. A child choosing a brush will definitely go for her favorite color of the brush or a brush with a picture of her favorite cartoon character.  

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