The Gum Disease Awareness Month - February

The Gum Disease Awareness Month - February

Posted by SUN-PARK DENTAL on Mar 3 2022, 10:43 PM

The Gum Disease Awareness Month - February
The month of February has set a reminder to raise the importance of healthy gums and motivate people to follow better oral health to prevent, diagnose and treat gum-related health issues at the earliest. February is gum disease awareness month. Yes, it is a part of raising public awareness regarding the consequences of untreated periodontal diseases.

Don't Let Gum Disease Ruin Your Oral Health

Gum diseases are the infection of gums that damages the soft tissues in the mouth. In the long run, the infection can destroy the bone that supports your teeth resulting in tooth loss if left untreated. Generally, early signs of gum disease you should notice are swollen or red gums, tenderness, bad breath, receding gums that pull away from your teeth, gums that bleed easily, pus in between teeth and gums, loose teeth, pain when chewing, and so on.

The main culprit behind gum diseases is harmful bacteria irritating the gum tissues. They get accumulated in your mouth and followed by plaque and tartar build-up resulting in a serious stage of periodontal disease. 

Certain Surprising Facts About Gum Disease

  • Gum diseases are silent diseases as one can easily miss the early signs and symptoms
  • Anyone can be a victim of gum disease as there is a misconception that it can affect only elder ones
  • Gum disease is contagious as it may spread the infection by sharing food and drinks
  • If you have chronic bad breath, it may be a warning sign of gum diseases
  • Gum disease can be hereditary 
  • Gum diseases increase the risk for serious health complications, including stroke, diabetes, and heart disease

Fight Back Against Gum Disease

Good oral practices are a great way to keep your mouth free of gum diseases, a dangerous oral health issue. Stick to preventive dental care to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy.
  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to keep your tooth enamel stays strong
  • Eat a nutritious diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • Cut down acidic and sugary foodstuff
  • Schedule regular dental checkups every six months
  • Don't skip the regular dental cleaning twice a year

Many people do not react if you notice blood in the sink while toothbrushing and consider it a common gingival infection. If you suspect victims of initial stages of periodontitis, consult with our dental experts at Sun Park Dental, 5400 Park Drive, Rocklin, CA 95765. Call or text us for getting an appointment at (916) 435-1155.
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