Use Your Dental Insurance By Year’s End

Use Your Dental Insurance By Year’s End

Posted by SUN-PARK DENTAL on Sep 10 2021, 05:42 AM

Use Your Dental Insurance By Year’s End

There are many dental insurance policies these days. These insurance policies help people get the necessary dental care they need, but the benefits these plans provide must be used up before the expiry period. These plans might change by the end of the calendar year, so it is good to make sure that you have used them up.

So, if you have insurance policy benefits left, here are some good reasons why you should make the most of it.

Use Your Yearly Maximum Benefit

Most dental insurance plans allow you an annual maximum benefit. Usually, it is around $1000-2500 per insured person for a year. If you have not used your benefits, remember that you cannot roll it over to the next year. So, you are essentially forfeiting your hard-earned money when you do not use your benefits every year. Hence, if you require covered dental services and have not used your benefits, use them up before the end of the year. 


These deductions are the amounts that you pay every year before the insurance will start making payments. This amount differs according to plans and companies, but on average, the deductible amount is usually $50. Deductions are only once a year, and it generally starts at the beginning of the new year. So, to maximize your benefits, get as many treatments as you need once you have paid your deductions. 

Treating Dental Problems Before They Worsen 

Dental issues do not get resolved if left by themselves. A small cavity today can become bigger with a toothache if left untreated. Use your benefits on time to avoid dental problems and retain your smile when you begin the holiday season.

Payment of Premiums

To claim the coverage of dental benefits, we pay the premium amount for the insurance plan to begin. Not using services would mean all such contributions go to waste. Even if you do not need major dental treatment, it is still a great idea to have regular dental checkups and dental cleaning. Good oral care is cheaper and more reasonable than waiting for problems to worsen. Check your plans for coverage of aesthetic needs too.

Plan Your Treatment With Dental Benefits in Mind 

A resourceful dental office can help you with the minimal out-of-pocket expense for you. They can also work on your insurance benefits to make sure that your treatment plans are in line with your available benefits. 

E.g., dental implants. There is a gap of about three to four months between your tooth extraction and placement of implants. Your dentist can plan your course of treatment to get maximum coverage and benefits and can also phase out treatment if it is the long term in such a way that expenses do not go over what is planned for a year.

Reduces Treatment Expenses

The majority of services hike their fees every year. Dentists, too, can incur sudden expenses in the form of equipment or medical supplies. With such an increase in prices, they have no choice but to increase their consultancy charges. Usually, a new fee structure is applicable from the new year. Hence delaying your dental appointment can result in paying a higher amount on your next visit.

Waiting till the last moment could cost you money. As patients rush to meet their appointments before their benefits get exhausted, finding a convenient time for them may not be easy at the last moment. Waiting too long, you may not be able to get the appointment time as surgeons may be traveling on work or on holiday too. So, choose to get your treatments done on time.


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