What does 'Same-Day Implants' Really Mean?

Posted by Sun-Park Dental Jan 06,2021

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Losing a tooth is embarrassing, right? Yes, we understand. It can lower your confidence and self-esteem during social interactions but worry not; you are not the only one facing it. Millions of people worldwide have lost their teeth for many reasons, but the good news is you can get a replacement for it within a day. Yes, you heard it right! Within a day. The development in the field of dental science has made it possible and has helped millions across the world get their lost smile back. 

When you lose your tooth, you have several options like dentures, bridges, and dental implants to get an artificial one; all of these procedures are carried out after examining the patient's oral health condition. But when we talk about replacing the tooth with the closest version of the natural tooth, dental implants are the perfect option. Because dental implants not only give an aesthetic appearance but also function like a natural tooth. Implants are basically the titanium anchors that are placed in the jawbone upon which the dental crown is placed to replace the tooth. 

When it comes to having dental implants, it can take several months to complete as it is a multi-process step, but if you want to have a quicker result, your dentist can fix it on the same day as well. Same-day implants can be done especially for those patients who have undergone tooth replacement surgery; this process avoids waiting for several months for the process of osseointegration. Some of the major benefits of having same-day implants are:

  • The success rate of the same-day implant is higher compared to the traditional method. 
  • In this process, we can witness a better fusing of the implant to the bone. 
  • The healing process of the gums and tissues is quicker. 
  • The patient leaves the office without any missing teeth in his first visit. 
  • The whole process is quicker and involves fewer surgical steps. 
  • This process quickly subsides the patient's concerns about the lost tooth. 

If you are confused about which procedure is more suitable for your oral health, worry not; we at Sun Park Dental have housed professional dentists who come with a wealth of experience in practicing dental implants and will guide you through the right process. We just don't help you retain your lost tooth but also tell you with all the necessary steps to care for your oral health. 

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