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Everyone wants a bright, white smile but simple daily habits like your morning cup of coffee can stain your teeth, making them look yellow and old. You can brighten your smile in an hour with professional teeth whitening treatments with Drs. Minh Nguyen and Thanh-Truc Nguyen at Sun-Park Dental in Rocklin, California. Call or schedule an appointment online today for a healthy, white smile.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth staining?

Tooth staining is either extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic staining affects the outer layer, also called the enamel, of your teeth. Extrinsic staining is usually due to your lifestyle habits like the foods you eat and whether you smoke or use other tobacco products. For example, coffee, tea, soda, and wine are known to stain your teeth. These stains are easily lifted with teeth-whitening treatments.

Intrinsic staining occurs deeper within the tooth and affects the dentin. Intrinsic staining is typically due to the use of tetracycline antibiotics, trauma, or overuse of fluoride in childhood. These stains may not respond to topical teeth-bleaching treatments. Your dentist may suggest veneers or crowns to cover the staining instead.

What happens during a teeth whitening treatment?

At Sun-Park Dental, you can choose between laser whitening treatments and ZOOM!® whitening treatments. Both options are painless and take around an hour.

Both treatments start with your dentist fitting a guard in your mouth that protect your lips and gums. Then, they carefully apply a special bleaching gel to your teeth. Then, depending on the teeth whitening process you choose, either a laser or a special LED light is directed at your teeth to activate the gel and boost the bleaching process.

When your whitening treatment is complete, your dentist removes your mouthguard and cleans the gel from your teeth. You go home with teeth that are several shades brighter and whiter.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Unfortunately, the same habits that stained your teeth to begin with can stain your teeth again. You can protect your teeth by brushing regularly and using an American Dental Association-approved whitening toothpaste. You can also reduce your consumption of foods and drinks that stain your teeth. And of course, if you smoke cigarettes, you should try to quit.

Why is professional teeth whitening better than using a drugstore kit?

While you might feel like you can save money by purchasing a teeth whitening kit at your local drugstore, the team at Sun-Park Dental uses stronger and more effective bleaching agents since your treatment is carried out under medical supervision. Also, patients report less sensitivity following professional whitening than with the prolonged use needed for over-the-counter treatments.

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