Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a dental technology that is used to perform oral procedures. It is an advancement of modern technology that has enabled a comfortable and convenient method of treatment. The dentists of Sun Park Dental offer laser dentistry for effective and accurate treatment.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • The laser causes minimal heat and vibration compared to traditional dental treatments.
  • The patients experience minimal bleeding during laser treatment.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.
  • The laser helps to preserve the patient's natural teeth during treatment.
  • The patient receives better outcomes from laser treatment.

Types of Lasers

There are two types of lasers that are used by the dentist, which have been listed below.

Soft-tissue laser: It is a type of laser that is used for cosmetic and gum treatments. They help in cutting the soft tissues inside the mouth.

Hard-tissue laser: Dentists use hard tissue laser to treat the teeth. Hard tissue lasers are used during dental therapies and fillings.

Dental Treatments that Use Laser

Teeth Whitening

Laser has enabled faster teeth whitening procedures in dentistry. It is used to speed up the action of the whitening gel that is applied to the teeth. The dentist activates the laser and directs it on the teeth, which helps to provide a better outcome.

Treating Gummy Smiles

Patients who prefer to treat gummy smiles can attain better results through laser. It is used to reshape the soft tissues that cover the natural tooth.

Tooth Preparation

Laser is an alternative for drilling instruments. It helps to eliminate the use of anesthesia during treatments.

Treating Teeth Sensitivity

Lasers are used to treat patients who experience tooth sensitivity. It helps to seal tubules to the root of the tooth.

Treat Gum Diseases

The laser helps to treat various stages of gum diseases. It removes the inflamed gums from the root of the tooth and helps to remove the plaque and tartar inside the gum line.

Laser is an excellent choice for dental treatments considering its benefits to the patients. Treatment done with lasers is less painful compared to traditional procedures.

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